Rounding Up the Final Sale Candidates

  1. AT&T (T) = $15.64
  2. Gen Digital (NLOK) = $17.72
  3. Turtle Beach (HEAR) = $9.84
  4. Invesco (IVZ) = $13.08
  5. General Electric (GE) = 115.27
  6. Viatris (VTRS) = $9.20
  7. Ventas (VTR) = $42.56

These are the stocks that have been selected, at least in part, to be sold soon. Most of these stocks are selling at a loss but at least one (GE) selling near its 52 week high.

Two stocks that were in this batch have been removed after viewing their future potential, AMD and SKT. AMD was bought about 5 years ago when it was having problems and did not have a dividend. However, it has surged since and has much better future now than it did back then. We have been to an outlet mall run by Tanger in Texas and it was a good experience for shopping.

Most of these stock were bought at 100 shares, but a few like T, GE, and VTR likely have more. Furthermore, at least GE, and possibly T, have had something like a reverse split because they were trading in different price ranges when they were first purchased.

Lastly, GE and T were both purchased multiple times due to their high dividends at the time. GE cut its dividend and then restructured quite a bit while T looks to have steadily declined in price during that time. The dividend is currently 7% but will at least sell part of these shares because the growth in the company itself does not appear to be there anymore. Hence, T will be sold at a loss while GE, if any are sold, will be sold at a gain.

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