The 800 Pound Gorilla Named AI And The Possible Future

The big future technology that has been in songs, movies, books, and even TV series is finally here! That highly anticipated technology is known as Artificial Intelligence or AI for short. What is AI? AI is basically a computer that manipulates data to perform different tasks. Yes, the over simplified apocalyptic hopefully fiction version of that is that computers will eventually do every job and humans will do nothing.

Once more of a pipe dream than anything else, AI is quickly becoming a reality and chip maker Nvidia has already been crowned the undisputed king of AI. The reason for this? Computing power as a whole is finally strong enough to support AI on a large scale. This is why AI is popping up all over the Internet. AI can change up songs, manipulate photos, and even write books nowadays. Thus, the possibilities for AI are almost endless.

All that said, how do you try to ride the momentum of this 800 Pound Gorilla in the stock market? Well, minus Nvidia, investing in AI right now is not as easy as it looks. This is because most of it is through already existing juggernauts like Microsoft and Google. The rest or pure play AI stocks are not near the same level yet, but are still soaring in share price. For example, Palentir (PLTR) and Sound Hound (SOUN) both have rose tremendously recently, but do not have the sales to back up the high valuations yet. They both have great technologies that could do great in the future, but that future is not here yet. Thus, these are the type of stocks for a small investment just to get in a possible strong company/stock later down the road. Only time will tell the true winners and losers from AI.

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